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Scouting Profiles

Bear Grylls - UnitedKingdom Cheif Scout

A big hello and shout out to all of the competitors, leaders and service team at this years National Scout Car Races. Good look to you all, ride hard, ride safe, and wow it looks like a load of fun! Have a great weekend and thankyou for all your support to the world of Scouting - together we can changes lives. Thank you also to everyone that has worked so hard to make the event what it is - enjoy!

Wayne Bulpit - United Kingdom Chief Commisioner

I wasn't really sure what to expect when I was invited to attend the 73rd Scout Car Races held in York in 2012 but was immediately impressed by the scale and organisation of the event.

Scouting is all about learning by doing, so what better way than by making your own pedal car ready for the 2013 national championships which is being hosted by 2nd Ashbourne Scouts in Derbyshire on the 6th July - start pestering your Leaders now. After all, several newbies took trophies in 2012.
This event is well worth taking part in whether your experienced in the activity or if you are looking for something a little different to add to your programme, so contact the team now for more information!

The Administraition Team

These are the people that make the event happen year after year

Mike Leach - Event Co-Ordinator

I first became involved in the Scout National Pedalcar Racing in 1976 which was held in Blackpool. This same year we started the British Federation of Pedal Car Racing and I was Chairman for many years. In 1980 I was invited to join the National Scoutcar Committee which met twice a year at Baden Powell House to discuss the details of each years races. The races were always sponsored by Unipart. In March 1993 when Jack Olden retired, Unipart suddenly decided to withdraw the sponsorship. Knowing about my involvement and enthusiasm for Pedalcar Racing many groups contacted me and asked if I could somehow organise an event for July 1993. With no money and no sponsor this was very difficult but somehow the event went ahead in Wolverhampton. Since then we have managed to hold the event every year with the help of many scout groups and organisations mainly in the North of the country. One of the main supporters being Scarborough Borough Council who helped every other year until a couple of years ago when unfortunately for whatever reason they withdrew their support. Over the years I must in addition to the people at Scarborough namely Gareth Jones and Trevor Daniel any many others there I must thank Robert Robinson, Paul Elliott, Gary Hollingsworth, Barry Watts, Geoff Brown, and Steve Williamson who during the last 19 years have all helped with events and venues. All these events would not have been possible without the help of the regular team of Bob Moffat, Adrian Toms, Steve & Margaret Williamson and their team, Bob Milloy and of course my daughter Wendy. I hope that the National Scoutcar Races will continue for many years to come and I am sure that even if some of the people mentioned above fall by the wayside their will be others willing to take their place.

Bob Moffat - Computer Operator

I became involved in Pedal Car Racing just prior to the first Bolton 24-hour Mini-Le-Mans in 1980 when I suggested a way of doing lap recording using telephone meters. We tested the system at Luton and beat a hasty retreat when competitors felt our system, on which the operator recorded every car, was more accurate than the official results recorded by a group of people each responsible for just a selection of cars. The system was cpomuterised a couple of years later and remained in use for over 20 years, but not for Scoutcar Grand Prix events because they were too fast and furious.

Mike Leach asked me to use a computer to record and sort the Scoutcar results, and that has worked well for around 20 years (except when drivers don’t race in the correct order).

Over the years, I have also been involved in producing the Certificates presented at the end, organising trophies, programmes and occasionally, merchandising items.

Adrian Toms - Scrutinerring

I have been involved with scout pedal car races since 1989 when my scouts did the 50th anniversary race in Plymouth. Since then I have run three scout and venture teams, before going solo with the federation. I did every type of race including 24hr races on my own and became British solo champion for 2 years on the run. I have made and rebuilt over 25 cars and still make new cars now. I have helped out with the Scout national races since the early 90's when Mike Leach took over the running of this event.

I can be found at this event doing the scrutinerring and supplying a welder for running repairs throughout the day. I can fix any car as long as it is repairable. I have even stopped racing to do this in the past.
Need any help - just ask for ADA.

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